Apple Vision Pro: An Easily Forgotten Innovation

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Apple’s latest hardware device, the Vision Pro, seems to be facing challenges in terms of demand and usage. According to reports, some Apple stores are selling only a few Vision Pros per week, and the demand for demos of the technology has decreased significantly since the product’s launch.

Furthermore, many people who book appointments to test Vision Pros are not showing up. Previously, there was significant hype around the Vision Pro, with long lines of eager Apple fans at Apple Stores in New York City.

However, it appears that interest in the device has waned, with existing owners reportedly not using their headsets as much as their other Apple products. It was anticipated that the Vision Pro would become a niche product until a cheaper version was released, and now these predictions seem to have come true, as the headset has almost disappeared from public discussion.

While Apple is working to address some of these issues, it is noted that the Vision Pro lacks the usual sleekness associated with Apple products. Additionally, popular apps like Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube have not created versions for the Vision Pro, suggesting that these apps are not missing out by not having a presence on the device.

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