Reality check for Apple Vision Pro.

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The initial excitement surrounding the launch of Apple’s Vision Pro headset has diminished, possibly indicating a forthcoming “flop era”. Renowned analyst Kuo revealed that Apple reduced orders prior to the global launch, signaling a significant drop in demand, particularly in the US market. This conservative stance by Apple has led to revised shipment expectations for the Vision Pro in 2024, with sales anticipated to reach only 200,000-250,000 units by the year’s end. Looking ahead to 2025, Apple foresees a further decline in headset shipments.

Kuo suggests that the current state of the Vision Pro could be characterized as a flop, and predicts ongoing negative coverage of its sales and performance in the media. Additionally, Apple is reassessing its product roadmap, potentially postponing the release of a new version until after 2025. Although the launch of the Vision Pro generated excitement, the reality is that many consumers have little incentive to purchase a $3,500 imperfect headset, leading to a slowdown in sales and falling short of Apple’s expectations. While there is still optimism about the future potential of spatial computing, it is apparent that the current market for the Vision Pro is underwhelming.

Nevertheless, there is confidence in Apple’s ability to address the headset’s limitations and innovate in the future.

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