Appointments Will Be Required to Purchase the Apple Vision Pro Headset in Stores

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Customers interested in Apple’s first “spatial computer” will not only need to fork out $3,500, but they will also have to schedule an appointment for a skull measuring session to acquire the headset and its accessories. Reports suggest that Apple may be experimenting with a different type of fastening mechanism, possibly using an iOS app to scan users’ faces for accurate measurements. The company has also assured that users with prescription glasses can purchase separate lenses made by Carl Zeiss that can be integrated into the headset, with the possibility of ordering these parts through an online portal. Despite reaching out to Apple for comment, Gizmodo did not receive an immediate response.

With the need for stores to stock a wide variety of bands and seals, Apple Store employees will also need to be trained on the complex sizing and measuring requirements. While appointments were also necessary for the initial 2015 Apple Watch launch, the process for the Vision Pro involves more intricate features such as face scanning and prescription lenses. Apple plans to make the Vision Pro available at all 270 U.S. Apple Stores, with larger cities like New York and Los Angeles having access to Apple’s first foray into the world of VR. Sources close to Apple and its manufacturers have revealed that the company aims to have fewer than 400,000 units available by early 2024.

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