Get all Apple Vision Pro apps for just $1,100.

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Appfigures recently analyzed 730 apps optimized for the Vision Pro. This included apps exclusive to the headset and iOS apps that added a native Vision Pro experience. The analysis aimed to provide insight into how developers were responding to Apple’s newest device.

The analysis revealed that 73% of Vision Pro optimized apps were either paid (26.5%) or required a subscription (46.7%). Only 26.7% of Vision Pro-optimized apps were completely free. This is a surprising breakdown compared to the App Store, where paid apps make up roughly 5% of the offerings.

However, this was expected as the device is in its early stages. The limited presence of ad-supported apps or data harvesting may be attributed to the device being new to the market. Some developers have reported early success with the Vision Pro, but it remains to be seen if paid and subscription apps will continue to dominate its native app offerings.

It’s interesting to note that new owners of the Apple Vision Pro may have felt a sense of anticipation and excitement akin to that of purchasing a *Cyberpunk*-esque headset.

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