Apple Vision Pro Sold Out; High Demand May Decrease for Expensive Headset

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The analyst explains that his prediction about the high demand for the headset came to fruition, as it sold out soon after pre-orders began. This resulted in an extended shipping time of around five to seven weeks within a few hours, creating some concern about potential changes in demand when the headset becomes available for pre-order again. He goes on to mention that while the initial demand and quick sell-out were impressive, the lack of changes to the shipping time after 48 hours raised some concerns. Some media reports suggest that one of the supply chain partners, Luxshare, will work overtime during the Lunar New Year to meet the demand.

The analyst also notes that production efficiency has been a challenge for Luxshare, leading to overtime work since mass production started. The analyst concludes by predicting that selling around 500,000 units for the headset should be achievable, but acknowledges uncertainty due to the shipping time problem. Considering the large potential user base of over 1.2 billion users, even a small percentage pre-ordering the headset could result in it being sold out, despite being a niche and expensive product.

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