Apple’s Vision Pro: Release Date Revealed for $3,500 Purchase

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Apple has not participated in CES, but the company is known for its desire to attract attention to its Cupertino headquarters. The Vision Pro, priced at $3,500 with 256GB of storage, offers two band options – the “Solo Knit Band” and “Dual Loop Band” – as well as two different eye seals. The device promises access to a variety of apps with three-dimensional interfaces, some of which specifically utilize the “spatial” environment, such as FaceTime and spatial media taken with an iPhone 15 Pro.

Users can arrange 2D apps in panels at various scales across the virtual display. Gaming on Vision Pro includes titles from the Apple Arcade, operated through gesture controls, with the anticipation of bespoke “spatial” gaming. The new “Optic ID” feature allows users to upload their biometric data for auto-filling passwords or completing payments with Apple Pay, similar to the existing face scan on the iPhone.

Apple assures that the eye tracking data is not shared with the company or third-party apps.

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