Creative Uses of Apple Vision Pro: Unconventional and Surprising Examples

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Apple may not like it, but there are people showcasing unconventional and potentially dangerous uses of the Apple Vision Pro headset. The company has explicitly stated that it does not want users engaging in hazardous activities while using the headset.

Despite Apple’s efforts to discourage risky behavior, the effectiveness of these measures remains unclear. For instance, the visionOS code triggers a safety message and disables certain features when the headset detects risky movement.

However, some users have disregarded these warnings and have demonstrated using the device in motion, such as on a moving subway or in a car. In one instance, a user experienced a tracking error while on a moving subway but celebrated the unique experience of watching a video.

Although the headset can function while in motion, certain capabilities are disabled, and users are advised to remove the device during takeoff and landing. There are also restrictions on using the Vision Pro in specific contexts, such as watching explicit content or engaging in sensual activities.

While some users have found safer ways to use the Vision Pro, others have showcased unconventional and potentially risky uses, reminiscent of scenarios portrayed in popular media. Despite the innovative uses of the device, there are concerns about users disregarding safety guidelines and engaging in hazardous activities while using the headset.

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