Reminder: Last day to return your Apple Vision Pro is Friday.

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The Apple Vision Pro is being hailed as a groundbreaking device, boasting impressive hardware specs and unmatched performance. However, with a price tag of $3,500, many are experiencing buyer’s remorse. Those wishing to return the product must do so within 14 days of purchase.

This deadline is fast approaching for those who picked up the device on its release day. Despite the initial hype surrounding the product, early adopters have expressed their disappointment on social media and some have opted to return it. The realm of spatial computing, heralded by the Vision Pro, appears to still be in its infancy.

Apple’s defenders argue that VR headsets are a nascent category with room for growth, drawing parallels to the initial skepticism faced by devices like the iPad and the Apple Watch. However, not everyone shares this optimistic view. While some tech leaders like OpenAI’s CEO remain hopeful about the Vision Pro’s potential, others, like Facebook’s Zuckerberg, question its value in comparison to more affordable options such as the Quest.

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