Different Ways People Have Been Using Their Apple Watch Pro

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Arish Syed shows off the first purchase of the Apple Vision Pro headset at the Fifth Avenue Apple store in New York City on February 02, 2024. Despite Apple’s explicit warnings against using the headset in dangerous ways, some users have attempted to push the limits. The company has implemented safety measures through its visionOS code, including shutting down certain features when detecting unsafe speed and issuing error messages when sensors fail to lock onto a moving environment.

One user’s experience on a New York subway resulted in the headset displaying “Tracking Failed” as the train started moving. Despite these warnings, some have tried to use the Vision Pro in moving vehicles, prompting the company to restrict its use during certain activities like takeoff and landing on airplanes. Additionally, Apple has imposed limitations on content, particularly in regards to adult entertainment.

While some users have found unique and safer ways to utilize the Vision Pro, the company’s efforts to prevent misuse continue. The fictional character Wade Watts from the film “Ready Player One” is cited as a reminder to use VR technology in a controlled environment, emphasizing the importance of safety.

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