WWDC—Fotos del visor ‘Vision Pro’ de Apple de $3,499 contra el metaverso

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Apple’s Vision Pro, priced at $3,449, boasts advanced augmented reality technology. However, its emphasis on Mac apps and gesture-based controls may limit its appeal to a coolness factor rather than practical applications. Marketed as a mixed reality device, Apple’s promotional materials primarily feature augmented reality settings, with users’ surroundings visible. The presentations indicate Apple’s target user base and intended use, showcasing people in everyday settings using the device for tasks such as browsing, watching movies, and collaborating with colleagues.

Partnering with Disney, Apple aims to offer immersive 3D and spatial video experiences. However, the solitary nature of wearing a headset contradicts the goal of feeling present in the surroundings. Despite its capabilities, the device feels geared towards enthusiasts and is positioned as a luxury product. Its lightweight design, powered by an external battery pack, seeks to address the common issues with VR goggles.

In summary, Apple’s entry into the AR market is unconventional and includes interesting aspects, but its practical applications may be limited by the nature of the technology.

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