The Apple Vision Pro Is Currently Out of Stock but Demand for the Expensive Headset Could Decrease

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The article discusses the high demand for a specific headset. The author predicted that the headset would sell out after pre-orders began, and this occurred within a few hours. Initially, the demand seemed impressive, but concerns arose when the shipping time remained at five to seven weeks after 48 hours. This suggested that the demand might decrease when the headset becomes available for pre-order again.

According to the article, one of the supply chain partners, Luxshare, is expected to work overtime during the Lunar New Year to meet the demand. The article also mentions that production efficiency for the Vision Pro headset has been subpar, leading to overtime work for this reason as well. The author predicts that selling around 500,000 units should be achievable, but the shipping time issue raises doubts about this projection. The article concludes by noting that, despite the large user base, selling out the headset would only require a small percentage of users to pre-order due to its niche and expensive nature.

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